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Keysight - 81534A

Optical Return Loss Module for 8153A

The Agilent (now Keysight) 81534A Return Loss Meter is ideal for making measurements on fast telecommunications systems, such as filters, multiplexers, cross-connects, amplifiers and whole systems under test.

It can also be deployed in both R&D and production environments and is suitable for singlemode applications.

Return loss measurements can be made using a power meter such as the Agilent (now Keysight) 8153A or 8163A lightwave multimeter and the 81534A return loss module. The return loss module contains a sensitive detector and a directional coupler. The source illuminates the test device, while the directional coupler and detector sense only the power that is traveling in the reverse direction.

This system is best suited for accurate measurement of devices with a single reflection such as connectors, splices and attenuators. It is also used to measure the aggregate or "total" return loss of a device with multiple reflections.

Lightwave mainframe module

Sensitive power measurements

Integrated directional coupler

Sensor element: InGaAs

Wavelength range: 1250 to 1600 nm

Fiber type: 9/125 μm

Return loss range: 60 dB / 65 dB

€ 650 (net) $780 (US)

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