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Keysight - 6050A-3x60501B/3x60503B

Electronic Load Mainframe 1800W, Unit with modules: 3x 60501B = DC Electronic Load Module 0-30A, 3-60V max. 150W and 3x 60503B = DC Electronic Load Module 0-10A, 3-240V max. 250W

The Agilent/HP (now Keysight) 6050A is a 1800 Watt Electronic Load Mainframe along with power modules (load modules) it is designed for test, evaluation, and burn-in of DC power supplies, batteries, and power components. The unit is suitable for bench use. The front panel keypad allows easy, repeatable, and reliable front panel control of the load when it is used manually. Front panel settings are remembered after AC power is removed. The front panel LCD meters indicate voltage, current, and power readings of the selected channel.

The unit can hold up to six 60501B, 60502B and 60503B load modules or up to three 60504 and 60507B power modules with a max. total power of 1800 W.

This unit holds 3X 60501B and 3X 60503B load modules.

GPIB control of current, voltage and resistance

GPIB readback of current, voltage, and power

Built-in pulse waveform generation with programmable amplitude, frequency, duty cycle and slew rate

Full protection from over-current, over-voltage, overpower, over-temperature, and reverse polarity

Electronic calibration

Trigger for external synchronization

Parallel units in constant current mode for higher power

VXI plug & play drivers

€ 4 500 (net) $5 400 (US)

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