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Tektronix - TBS1154

Digital Storage Oscilloscope 150MHz 1GS/s, 4 Channel, USB Interface. Manufacturer´s warranty until 16th July 2025.

The Tektronix TBS1154 is a Digital Storage Oscilloscope of the TBS1000 Series with a bandwidth of 150 MHz and 4 channels.

Bandwidth: 150 MHz

Number of analog channels: 4

Sample rate: 1 GS/s

Record length: 2.5k points

Digital real-time sampling

Built-in analysis tools, with 16 automated measurements, FFT analysis, waveform math, cursors, pass/fail testing and data logging

3% DC vertical accuracy on all ranges, make accurate measurements, even on low-level signals

Built-in context-sensitive help

Dedicated front-panel controls for easy use

Front-panel USB host port for quickly store and transfer your waveforms and Settings

USB PC connectivity for easily connect to a personal computer with the rear-panel USB device port

OpenChoice software to capture waveforms data and to simply document your results

€ 965 (net) $1 216 (US)

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