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Keysight - U2941A

Parametric Test Fixture w/ 3 Channels for USB-SMU

The Agilent (now Keysight) U2941A is a parametric test fixture that is designed to complement the usage of U2722A /U2723A USB source measure units in the testing of semiconductor components, including SMT and DIP ICs.

It has 3 input channels and a common ground and comes with 5 types of socket modules for device under test (DUTs) of various pin configurations.

Closed lid minimizes ESD on sensitive circuits and components

Supports up to 3 source/measure channels

Different socket modules to match a wide variety of pin configurations

Assembly plate for low-current measurements

Bundled parametric measurement manager software eases set-up, testing, and data recording

€ 1 050 (net) $1 260 (US)

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