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Tektronix - BSAUSB3

USB3 Bundle containing Instrument Switch and Cables. Required to connect BERTScope, DPP and CR models together for USB3 Compliane Testing.

The Tektronix BSAUSB3 is a Bundle of Instrument Switch with Cables and Automation Software (supports USB 3.1 5 Gb/s).

The BSASWITCH Instrument Switch is a flexible device usable for general-purpose applications and specific inclusion in USB 3.0 compliance testing. For USB 3.0 testing, the switch features a pattern generator for generation of Low Frequency Periodic Signaling (LFPS), used to ensure devices achieve loopback. Other features include:

Manual switching between channels with front-panel controls

Automated control through USB

Flexible triggering with multiple control choices

Two main input channels (Ch 1, Ch 2) with >10 GHz analog bandwidth

Single-ended to differential input channel for easily adding low-frequency signal generators to test setups

USB control and power with no need for additional external power

€ 15 000 (net) $18 900 (US)

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