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Tektronix - TEK-USB-488

GPIB (IEEE488.2) to USB Adapter

The Tektronix TEK-USB-488 Adapter enables communication between a GPIB bus controller, and the USB port of a USBTMC-USB488 compliant Tektronix instrument (for example, the DPO4000 Series Oscilloscopes).

Enables GPIB Control of Tektronix instruments through the USB port of Tektronix instruments compliant with USBTMC-USB488 standards

GPIB primary address is assignable through the host Tektronix instrument

Powered by USB host or optional external power supply

LED indicators provide power, adapter status, and USB status

Can be used in rackmount instrument configurations

€ 565 (net) $712 (US)

* champs obligatoire