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Keysight - U3000A

Electronic Instrumentation Training Kit for DSO3000A, 33220A, 344xxA, E363xA

The Agilent (now Keysight) U3000A is an Electronic Instrumentation Training Kit

and a standalone training board designed to simulate a variety of real-world applications. It works seamlessly with four reliable, high-performance instruments and Keysight VEE Pro 8.0 test & measurement software.

Selectable 8 modes of operation

Works with Keysight DSO3000 oscilloscopes, 34405A digital multimeter, E3631A power supply, 33220A function generator, Keysight VEE Pro 8.0 graphical test & measurement software

Includes teaching and lab materials

Topics tie to instruments and graphical programming techniques for better theoretical understanding and practical exposure

Materials include in-depth explanation of common terms and Parameters

Materials are ready out-of-the-box and cover four instruments and Keysight VEE Pro

Detailed coverage of electronic instrumentation topics and Keysight VEE Pro graphical programming techniques

Better familiarity with essential benchtop instruments and Keysight VEE Pro 8.0 graphical test & measurement software

Lessons show how to optimize instrument functions to ease common tasks and graphical language programming techniques

€ 165 (net) $198 (US)

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