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Tektronix - CT-60-S

Fixed Core Current Transducer DC 800kHz, High Accuracy: up to 60A

The Tektronix CT-60-S is a fixed core current transducer for power analyzers and provides the highest accuracy available for both AC and DC current measurements.

Bandwidth: DC to 800 kHz

Acurracy: 0.0272%

Nominal primary current (rms): 42 A

Nominal primary current (Ip, DC): 60 A

Nominal secondary current (Is): 100 mA

Supply voltage: +/- 15 V

Supply consumption: 80 mA + Is

Transform ratio: 1:600

Very high accuracy

Excellent linearity (3 ppm - 20 ppm)

Extremely low temperature drift (0.5 ppm/k - 2.5 ppm/k)

Wide frequency bandwidth

Closed loop (compensated) current transducer using an extremely accurate zero flux detector

Electrostatic shield between primary and secondary circuit

No insertion losses

High immunity to external electrostatic and magnetic fields interference

Low noise on output signal

Tektronix custom cable assembly included for easy connection to the PA3000 power analyzer

Compatible with standard PA3000 internal transducer supply

€ 720 (net) $907 (US)

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