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Kikusui - PLZ164W

DC Electronic Load 1.5 - 150V / 33A / 165W

Kikusui PLZ164W is a DC Electronic Load (E-Load): 1.5 to 150 V / 33 A / 165 W

Rise time 10 µs (which converts to rise and fall times) high-speed response

Possible to perform actual load simulation by sequence control function

Capable to work with constant-current, constant-resistance, constant-voltage, constant-power, and combination of constant-power + contstant-voltage, constant resistance + constant-voltage mode

For transient switching operations, it is possible to set a slew rate (A/µs)

GPIB, RS-232, USB as standard

Various circuit protection functions:

Overvoltage (OVP), overcurrent (OCP), over power (OPP), overheat (OHP), under voltage (UVP), reverse connection (REV)

Dimension WxHxD (external max.): 214 x 124 (155) x 400 (470) mm

Weight: approx. 7 kg

€ 1 395 (net) $1 674 (US)

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