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Rohde & Schwarz - SMR40-B1/B4/B11

Microwave Signal Generator 10MHz-40GHz, R&S ID 1104.0002.40, options: B1= OCXO Reference Oscillator; B4 = Ramp Sweep: max. speed 600MHz/ms at: 2-10GHz; B11 = Low Frequency Limit Extension to 10MHz; Unit sold with a valid calibration certificate

Microwave Signal Generator SMR as tracking generator for EMI Test Receiver ESI:

The R&S SMR40 is one of the four models of the SMR family of signal sources cover the frequency range up to 40 GHz. The primary advantages are compact dimensions in conjunction with very high performance and an extremely attractive price.

The EMI test receivers of the ESI family combine the flexibility and speed of spectrum analyzers with the large dynamic range required for standard-compliant EMI measurements. Software FreRes from R&S ideally couples these two instruments for elaborate RF measurements on active and passive microwave components up to 40 GHz.

Frequency range from 1 GHz to 40 GHz (standard)

With frequency extension (option B11) 10 MHz to 40 GHz

Resolution: 1 kHz

Pulse modulation/sweep

Three instruments in one:

CW generator with pulse modulation capability (standard version)

Signal generator with AM/FM and LF generator (option B5)

Synthesized sweep generator with analog ramp sweep (option B4)

CW generator with pulse modulation and digital frequency sweep

Easily upgradable to AM/FM signal generator and synthesized sweep generator with analog ramp sweep owing to flexible options concept

Optional pulse generator for radar and EMC applications (option B14)

Optional IF input for upconversion of digitally modulated IF signals (option B24)

Compact, lightweight, user-friendly: Ideal in the lab and for field applications

High-contrast LC display

Online help including IEC/IEEE-bus commands

Simple and self-explanatory settings

User-assignable keys

One-hand operation with EasyWheel

High-precision, frequency-response-compensated level control

Setting range extendible to -130 dBm by means of the optional RF attenuator (option B17)

Digital RF and level sweep

Analog ramp sweep (RF sweep option B4)

Analog ramp sweep min. 600 MHz/ms (frequency > 2 GHz)

Digital sweep of LF generator (option B5)

10 user-selectable frequency markers for RF sweep

Operation modes: automatic, single shot, manual, externally triggered

Optional extension of lower frequency limit to 10 MHz (option B11)

Frequency resolution 1 kHz, optional 0.1 Hz (option B3)

High output power: +9 dBm

Memory: Space for 50 complete instrument setups

Optional pulse generator (option B14):

Operating modes: single pulse, double pulse, externally triggered, gate mode

Puls repetition: 100 ns to 85 s

Pulse width: 20 ns to 1 s

€ 29 995 (net) $37 794 (US)

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