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Keysight - 11852B

Minimum Loss Pad / Adapter DC 3GHz, 50Ohm - 75Ohm or 75Ohm - 50Ohm Impedance Converter, Type-N Connectors

The Agilent (now Keysight) 11852B is an instrument-grade, 50 ohms type N female to 75 ohm type N male adapter. It is also available in 50 ohms type N male to 75 ohms type N femal configuration. (With option 004 has the 11852B 50 ohms type N male and 75 ohms type N female connector.)

Insertion loss: 5.7 dB, typ.

Return loss: > 27 dB

Electrical length: 1.98 in.

Overall length: 2.37 in.

Diameter: 0.87 in.

Reference plane to reference plane length (nominal): 1.98 in.

€ 625 (net) $750 (US)

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