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Rohde & Schwarz - FS-Z90

Harmonic mixer 60-90GHz (E band). For Spectrum Analyzers FSP40 FSV FSU FSQ. Option B21 necessary.

R&S ID # 3638.2270.02.

The R&S FS-Z90 is a Harmonic Mixer and extends the frequency range of Spectrum Analysers, EMI Test Receivers and Signal Analysers. Ports necessary for running the mixers are available for models with frequency range above 20 GHz.

Bandwidth: 60 - 90 GHz (E band)

Low conversion loss

High 1 dB compression point

High LO frequency range

No biasing required

Conversion loss data provided in file format

€ 7.200 (net) $8.640 (US)

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