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Keithley - LR:8028

Component Test Fixture

12 triax connectors for connecting SMUs or other instrumentation

2 BNC connectors and 5 binding posts for additional instrument connections

Interlock connector for safe operation:

The lid interlock, which is used with instruments with compatible interlock connectors (such as the Model 4200-SCS), provides a measure of safety when working with potentially hazardous voltages. The interlock circuit signals the instrumentation to stop applying power to the test fixture when the lid is open.

One 28-pin ZIF (zero insertion force) DIP socket

Color-coded mini jumpers for easy device connections

Clearly marked connecting points that minimize the possibility of errors when making test connections

Hinged lid with light-tight, conductive gasket

€ 3.600 (net) $4.320 (US)

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