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Keithley - 7066

10 Channel Independend Switch with Screw Terminal Connections / Isolated Switch Card

The Model 7066 is a non-multiplexed switching card with ten independent and isolated channels. Each channel switches 2-pole Form A relays and can be user changed for either Form B or Form C configuration using jumpers.

The Switch specifications are well-suited for applications such as power line switching, controlling external circuits and devices, and switching signals where multiplexing is not desired. Each channel is terminated with a screw terminal block that “quick disconnects” from the card.

10 independed switches

2-pole Form A relays

<30 µV contact potential

Quick disconnect screw terminal connections

Moveable relayjumpers to configure any switch to be normally closed (NC)

Separate, isolated in/out circuits for each channel

€ 695 (net) $834 (US)

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