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Keithley - 7071

8x12 General-Purpose Matrix Card for Models 707A / 708A

The Keithley 7071 is a General Purpose Matrix Card with 8x12 configuration that switches high, low, and guard at each of the 96 relay crosspoints.

The eight rows are connected automatically to the general purpose analog backplane when the matrix card is installed into the 707A and 708A mainframe.

This allows easy expansion in 12 column increments and eliminates the requirement for wiring between cards.

96 three-pole, Form A relay crosspoints

High, low, and guard switched

<5 μV contact potential per crosspoint

Signals to 200 V and 1 A

Compatible with Models 707A and 708A

€ 2.800 (net) $3.360 (US)

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