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Keithley - 7707

10-Ch Diff Mux Module w/ 32-Ch Digital I/O

The Keithley 7707 plug-in module offers 10 channels of 2-pole or 5 channels of 4-pole multiplexer switching that can be configured as two independent banks of multiplexers. It also provides 32 digital input/output channels (four 8-bit ports) for I/O control. Connect the Keithley 7707 to industry standard solid-state relays to switch up to 980 VA.

Capacity (analog): 300 V, 1 A ; 60 W, 125 VA max.

Capacity (digital): 33 V, 100 mA

Digital outputs are short circuit protected

Relay closures stored in onboard memory

€ 750 (net) $900 (US)

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