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Keithley - 7020-D

Digital I/O Interface Card with D-Sub Connectors for Models 7001 / 7002

The Keithley 7020-D is a Digital I/O Interface Card and provides high-density digital input/output capabilities in an easy-to-control form. It has 40 independent inputs and 40 independent outputs, so it is well-suited for monitoring and controlling large automated test applications compactly and cost-effectively.

7020-D has two heavy duty 50-pin D-Sub connectors at the ends of short cables.

This D-sub connector version is designed for industrial/production applications where repeated connects/ disconnects with external cables are required.

80-bit control -- 40 inputs / 40 outputs

Input and output protection

Use internal 5.3 V power supply or external power supply

Connector: cables with 50 pin male and female D-sub connectors

€ 1.490 (net) $1.788 (US)

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