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Keysight - MSOX4104A

Mixed-Signal Oscilloscope 1GHz 5GS/s, 4 analog + 16 digital channels

The Agilent (now Keysight) MSOX4104A is a Mixed Signal Oscilloscope of the Agilent InfiniiVision 4000X Series with 4 channels + 16 logic channels and a bandwidth of

1 GHz.

MegaZoom IV smart memory technology and the 1 million waveforms/s update rate help to see more signal behavior and the standard segmented memory turn the oscilloscope in a effective ultra-deep memory capture tool. With the innovative InfiniiScan zone touch trigger anomalies and elusive events can debugged quickly. The MSOX4104A can combine 5 instruments in one unit and is full upgradable.

Update rate: 1 million waveforms/s

Sample rate: 5 GSa/s

4 Mpts MegaZoom IV uncompromised smart memory technology

Standard segmented memory

Advanced Math standard

Search and navigation standard

12.1 inch touchscreen display

Interface designed for touch

Innovative InfiniiScan zone touch triggering (2 zones), 21 standard trigger modes

Up to 35 autom. measurements

Extendable with e.g. mask test, bus decode, GPIB interface, power measurement analysis

Built-in LAN interface 10/100BaseT

Remote control via WebBrowser

3 USB 2.0 Host interfaces (USB interface mouse and keyboard), 1 USB device interface

5 instruments in one:


Logic analyzer (MSO)

Serial protocol analyzer, incl. USB (optional)

WaveGen 20 MHz dual channel arbitrary/function generator (optional)

Digital voltmeter with 3 digit voltage and 5 digit frequency counter measurements (optional)

€ 12.750 (net) $16.065 (US)

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