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Rohde & Schwarz - FS-Z10

Coherence Unit 100MHz-6GHz, R&S ID 1171.6509.02 Unit sold with 12 months manufacturer´s warranty

Frequency range 100 MHz to 6 GHz

Signal analysis bandwidth (depending on base instrument) R&S FSQ: 28 MHz (optional 120 MHz), R&S FSG: 28 MHz; Phase coherent two RF channel operation

Design, test and calibration of multi antenna systems

Measurement of phase, timing and amplitude difference of RF signals

Compensation of phase, timing and amplitude differences based on the I/Q data for further analysis

Compensation phase, timing and gain (optional)

Supported signal and spectrum analyzers R&S FSQ, R&S FSG

€ 4.790 (net) $5.748 (US)

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