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Rohde & Schwarz - FSW13-B3/B8/B24

Signal/Spectrum Analyzer 2Hz-13.6GHz, ID # 1312.8000K13. Unit with options: B3 = Audio Demodulat.; B8 = Resolution Bandwidth >10MHz; B24 = Preamplifier 100kHz-13.6GHz Unit sold with a valid calibration certificate and with 12 months warranty

Frequency range: 2 Hz to 13.6 GHz (with external mixer of R&S up to 110 GHz)

Low Phase noise: -137 dBc (1 Hz), 10 kHz Offset at 1 GHz

WCDMA-ACLR- dynamic range: -88 dBc (with noise correction)

Signal analysis bandwidth: up to 2 GHz

Total measurement uncertainty: < 0.4 dB to 8 GHz

Realtime Analysis up to 160 MHz bandwidth

Easy operation via brillant 12.1" touchscreen

Various measurement applications simultaneously usable and displayed

€ 57.000 (net) $71.820 (US)

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