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Fluke - PM99 - Series II

ScopeMeter 50MHz

2 Channel, 50 MHz bandwidth

25 MS/s sample rate

Autoset: Automatically sets Voltage, Time & Trigger

Multimeter Display: 3 2/3 Digits (> 3000 Counts)

Measure menu automatic setups

Multimeter display with full width waveform

True RMS Volts

Time/Division: 10 ns/div to 60 sec/div

Volts/Division: 1 mV/div to 100 V/div

Current Probe Scaling

Glitch Capture: >40 ns

Waveform Memory: Store & Recall 8 Waveforms

Set-up Memory: Store & Recall 10 Front Panel Set-Ups

Waveform/Math capability

Signal generator for sine waves and square waves

Component Tester Output: voltage or current ramp

Remote operation through RS-232 Interface cable

€ 450 (net) $567 (US)

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