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Keithley - 6522

Voltage/Low-Current Scanner Card, 10 Channels Multiplexer-Switching

Model 6522 Low-Current, High-Impedance Voltage, High-Resistance, 10-Ch Scanner Card (for Model 6517A)

The Model 6522 Voltage/Low Current Scanner Card can provide up to ten channels of low-level current, high impedance voltage, high resistance, or charge switching. Although it is similar to the Model 6521 in many ways, the Model 6522's input connectors are 3-lug triax. The card can be software configured for high impedance voltage switching of up to 200V. Triaxial connectors make it possible to float the card 500V above ground and drive guard to 200V.

10 channels of multiplex switching

Install directly in 6517B's option slot

Choose from low current scanning or high impedance voltage switching with low current switching

<200µV contact potential

1 pA offset current

Compatible with Keithley's Model 6517 and 6517A Electrometers

€ 1.575 (net) $1.984 (US)

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