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Tektronix - P6703B

Optical-to-Electrical Converter DC - 1.2GHz, 1100-1650nm

Tektronix P6703B is a small, conveniently packaged optical-to-electrical analog converter of the Tektronix P6700 series.The Tektronix P6700 Series optical-to-electrical (O/E) converters change optical signals into electrical signals for convenient analysis.

The P6703B provides an accurate interface for optical pulse shape measurements. The high gain, large dynamic range, and stable output offset of these O/E converter make them ideal for performing eye pattern analysis and extinction measurements.

The P6703B optical input is a 1 meter, 62.5 μm multi mode fiber with an FC/PC connector.

Wavelength Response: 1100 to 1650 nm

Optical bandwidth (typ.) (-6 dB electrical): DC to 1.2 GHz

Rise Time (typ.): ≤395 ps

Conversion gain: 1 V/mW

Max. input optical power:

Max. average operating power: 1 mW (0 dBm)

Max. average nondestruct: 10 mW (10 dBm)

Max. peak nondestruct: 20 mW (13 dBm)

SONET/SDH and fibre channel reference receiver performance:

P6703B – SONET/SDH up to 622 Mb/s

Max. output modulation depth for reference receiver performance: ≤200 mVp-p

Noise equivalent power:

1 GHz low-pass filter in series with ouput: ≤0.59 μW (RMS)

≤19 pW per √Hz

Max. input fiber core diameter: 62.5 μm

€ 2.990 (net) $3.767 (US)

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