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Keithley - 7072-HV

8x12 High Voltage Semiconductor Matrix Card

The Model 7072-HV is a 8x12 High Voltage Semiconductor Matrix Card and designed to switch low-level, high-voltage, and high-impedance signals for semiconductor parametric tests on wafers and devices.

This unique design provides two signal paths capable of switching 1300 V with less than 1 pA of offset current. The two C-V paths may be used for measurement of capacitance voltage characteristics from DC to 1 MHz or for switching low currents with a common ground. Four additional high quality signal paths with less than 20 pA offset current provide for signal switching to 200V.

Two 1300 V, sub-picoamp current path

Six 200 V, 20 pA paths

For use with the Model 2410 SourceMeter SMU instrument, 237 SMU, series 2600B SourceMeter SMU instruments, and model 4200-SCS semiconductor parameter analyzer

3-lug triaxial Connections

Compatible with models 707A, 707B, 708A, and 708B switching matrix mainframes

€ 8.390 (net) $10.068 (US)

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