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Kikusui - PAN35-30A

DC Power Supply 0-35V / 0-30A

The Kikusui PAN35-30 A is DC Power Supply of the PAN-A Series.

The PAN-A Series is a high-performance, highly reliable DC power supply unit featuring regulated variable voltage. These units are suitable for use in a range of fields including research and development, quality control, and production.

Performance characteristics:

Form Factor: Benchtop

Number of Outputs: 1

Max. power: 1050 W

Output current max.: 30 A (0 V to 35 V)

Voltage ripple and noise: 0.5 mV

Current ripple and noise: 5 mA

Load regulation, voltage: 1 mV

Load regulation, current: 5 mA

Line regulation, voltage: 1 mV

Line regulation, current: 3 mA

Remote sensing measurement

Multiple unit combinations: parallel, series

Overvoltage protection

Overcurrent protection

Over-temperature protection


User interface proprietary

Ports to peripheral devices option


CE Compliance: not on file

UL Compliance: not compliant

Power requirements:

Input power universal (auto sense and switch)

Dimensions WxHxD: (N/A) x 175 (6.88 in) x 505 mm (19.88 in)

Weight: 36 kg (79.36 lb)

€ 1.900 (net) $2.280 (US)

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