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Keithley - 2657A-LIM-3

Low Interconnect Module for use with 2657A, HV triax cables (3kV rated)

The Keithley 2657A-LIM-3 is a Low Interconnect Module for use with the 2657A Sourcemeter, HV triax cables (3kV rated).

DC current carrying capability max.: 1.5 A

Pulsed current carrying capability max.: 10 A at 1% duty cycle

Voltage max. between LO and chassies ground: 3000 V

Module connectors:

5 3 lug high voltage triax connectors

1 3-pin round interlock connector (4200 Interlock)

1 4-pin round interlock (Interlock out)

6 3-pin axial interlock connector (26XXA Interlock)

Dimension WxHxD: 8.10 x 2.60x 4.30 in. (206 x 66 x 109 mm)

Weight: 2.0 lb (0,91 kg)

€ 829 (net) $995 (US)

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