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Tektronix - AFG1022

Arbitrary Function Generator, Dual-Channel, 25MHz sine wave, and 12.5MHz square/pulse wave Unit sold with a valid calibration certificate and manufacturer´s warranty until 14th August 2024

The Tektronix AFG1022 is an Arbitrary Function Generator and provides a waveform generation tool with the best price performance ratio. It includes dual channel, 25 MHz bandwidth and up-to 10 Vp-p output amplitude. The four run modes, 50 built-in frequently-used waveforms and the built-in 200 MHz frequency counter cover most waveform generation needs in your experiment and test jobs. The 3.95-inch TFT LCD, short-cut buttons, USB interface and PC software provide the most intuitive ways to configure the instrument.

Dual-channel, 25 MHz sine wave, and 12.5 MHz square/pulse wave

125 MS/s sampling rate and 14-bit vertical resolution enable great signal fidelity

1 mVp-p to 10 Vp-p output amplitude over the whole frequency range

Intuitive user interface

2 to 8,192-point length of memory for user-defined arbitrary waveforms

64-MByte internal non-volatile memory for arbitrary waveform storage

Built-in waveforms: Sine, Square, Pulse, Ramp, Noise, and 45 frequently used arbitrary waveforms

Standard USB host/device for memory expansion and remote control

Continuous, sweeping, burst, and modulation modes

Built-in 200 MHz counter with 6-digit resolution offers an easy and precise way of frequency/period/pulse width/duty cycle measurement

Menu and online help are in english and simplified chinese

Compact form factor for stacking on other bench instruments

ArbExpress makes user defined waveforms editing extremely easy

Compatible with TekSmartLab for easy teaching and learning

€ 558 (net) $703 (US)

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