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Keysight - AC6801A

Basic AC Power Source 500VA, 270V, 2.5A, 40-500Hz, Standard Interfaces: LAN and USB.

The Agilent (now Keysight) AC6801A is a Basic AC Power Source and offers:

Complete AC and DC power and measurement solution

Simple, intuitive user interface tested over time that allows you to easily access and view setup and measurement information directly from the front panel or programmatically

LAN/LXI-Core and USB interfaces standard

GPIB is optional, or choose an analog interface board

AC output ratings:

Power: 500 VA

Ranges: 135 Vrms, 5 A or 270 Vrms, 2.5 A

Max. peak current: 15 A for 135 Vrms; 7.5 A for 270 Vrms

Frequency: 40 to 500 Hz

DC output ratings:

Power: 400 W

Ranges: 190 V, 4 A or 380 V, 2 A

Programming accuracy:

Voltage: 0.3% of full scale for 135 V range; 0.25% of full scale for 270 V range



GPIB (optional)

Analog interface board (optional)

Analog interface board allows you to control the output with external analog signals in two modes:

EXT-AC mode = Voltage of the output AC waveform (sine wave) varies according to the input DC signal

EXT-DC mode = Input waveform is amplified and output

€ 2.000 (net) $2.520 (US)

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