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Keysight - 83494A

Single-Mode Clock Recovery Plug-In / Optical Clock Recovery Module Opt.: 103= 10312.500Mb/s clock recovery rate

The 83494A Single-Mode Clock Recovery Plug-In module is an integrated solution for high-speed digital transmission test. When a separate trigger source is not available, the 83494A can derive a timing reference directly from the signal under test.

The 83494A can synchronize to all SONET/SDH transmission rates through 10 Gb/s with exceptional jitter performance that ensures an accurate display of the test waveform. The unit features Standard Fibre Channel, Gigabit Ethernet, and ATM/SONET/SDH rates from 155 Mb/s to 9953 Mb/s.

Optical clock recovery for 9/125 fibers:

Wavelength range: 1200-1600 nm

Data rates: 0.155/0.622/2.488/9.953 Gb/s or 0.155/0.622/2.488/10.3125 Gb/s or 0.155/0.622/2.488/2.666/10.709 Gb/s

PLL bandwidth: 90 kHz (internal triggering), 4 to 5 MHz (external output)

Input power: -14 to +3 dBm (<= 2.488 Gb/s), -8 to +3 dBm (>= 9.953 Gb/s)

€ 7.500 (net) $9.000 (US)

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