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Rohde & Schwarz - RT-ZMA40

SMA Module for RT-ZM Probe Amplifier Module, R&S ID 1419.4201.02

SMA module for R&S RT-ZM probe amplifier module

50 Ohm / 100 Ohm

Bandwidth: 16 GHz max.

Risetime: 28 ps (10/90); 17 ps (20/80)

Termination voltage: +/-4 V

Input capacitance: Input return loss: >12dB

DC input resistance: DM: 100Ohm, SE: 60Ohm to VT

Suitable for SMA, 3.5 mm and 2.92 mm systems

Supplied from R&S RT-ZM probe amplifier module

Multimode: P/N/DM/CM

€ 3.215 (net) $3.858 (US)

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