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Keysight - N5451A

InfiniiMax Differential Long Wire ZIF Tip.

Bandwidth (with 7 mm wire):

> 10 GHz at zero degree span

> 4.4 GHz at 60 degrees span

Bandwidth (with 11 mm wire):

> 5 GHz at zero degree span

> 3.3 GHz at 60 degrees span

Extend your ZIF Tip connection up to 11 mm

Economical solder-in probe solution

N5451A ZIF Tip comes in a set of 10 long wire ZIF Tips (user solders wires at their desired length)

N5451A ZIF Tip requires at least one N5425A Infiniium ZIF probe head

For up to 12 GHz of bandwidth ZIF probing, use the N5426A ZIF probe tips

€ 335 (net) $402 (US)

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