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Associated Research - 3605

HiPot Tester with output rating: 5000V at 20mA AC.

(AC only HiPot with ground continuity check)

3605 is a 5KV AC Hipot tester with an enhanced graphic LCD and can be used as a bench-top instrument or controlled through enhanced PLC Remote Control. It can also be interconnected to the HYAMP III family of Ground Bond testers to form a complete test system that will perform AC Hipot and Ground Bond tests in a single DUT connection. The 3605 provides a simplified interface and the latest in technology&safety features. It is a perfect solution for entry level AC Hipot testing applications.

Output rating:

5000 V at 20 mA AC; 6000 V at 7.5 mA DC

Voltage setting.

Range: 0 - 5.00 KV AC Resolution: 0.01 KV Accuracy: +/- (2% of setting + 5 V)

Max. limit:

AC Range: 0.00 - 20.00 mA

Resolution: 0.01 mA

Accuracy: AC +/- (2% of setting + 2 counts)

Min. limit:

AC Range: 0.000 - 9.999 mA

Resolution: 0.001 mA

Accuracy: AC +/- (2% of setting + 2 counts)

Storage of up to 10 setups with 3 steps per setup

Digitally controlled arc detection system

Built-in security settings

No load setup of trip current and output voltage

Electronic ramping (up&down)

Built-in adjustable continuity test

€ 679 (net) $815 (US)

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