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Keysight - N3301A-N3302Ax2

Electronic Load Mainframe, 2 Slots, 600W Max. Power. Options: 2x N3302A = Electronic Load Module 0-60V/ 0-30A / 150W.

The N3301A is a half-rack width mainframe with 2-slots that accepts combinations of N330x user-installable load modules (150 W to 600 W). The N3301A holds up to two N3302A, N3303A, N3304A, and N3307A load modules, or one N3305A and N3306A load modules, allowing up to 600 watts of total maximum power.

2 Slots - half rack width mainframe

600 W of total max. power

6 modules available (150 W to 600 W)

Stable operation down to zero volts

Built-in pulse waveform generation with programmable amplitude, frequency, duty cycle and slew rate

Full protection from over-current, over-voltage, over-power, over-temperature, and reverse polarity

Trigger for external synchronization

Parallel units in constant current mode for higher power

GPIB and RS-232 control of current, voltage and resistance and read-back of current, voltage, and power

VXIplug & play drivers

€ 4.470 (net) $5.364 (US)

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