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Keithley - 2380-500-15

Programmable DC Electronic Load, 500V / 15A / 200W. GPIB, USB, and RS232 Interfaces. Manufacturer´s warranty until 26th March 2026.

The Keithley 2380-500-15 is a DC Electronic Load with power of 200 W.

Voltage: 500 V

Current: 15 A

Power: 200 W

Operating modes:

Constant current (CC)

Constant voltage (CV)

Constant resistance (CR)

Constant power (CP)

LED simulated load test mode

Readback voltage and current resolution down to 0.1 mV / 0.01 mA

Dynamic mode with cycle rate up to 25 kHz

Voltage rise and fall time measurement

Current monitor function

List mode

Battery test mode

Built-in GPIB,USB, and RS-232 interfaces

€ 2 400 (net) $2 880 (US)

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