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Anritsu - ML2438A

Power Meter 100kHz - 65GHz, 2 Channels

The Anritsu ML2438A is a Power Meter and combines the advantages of thermal meter accuracy, diode meter speed, and peak power meter display graphics in a single instrument with two inputs.

It samples at more than 35K per second and achieves 90 dB dynamic range with a single sensor. This meter includes graphics display capability as a standard feature. The ruggedized housing and optional high-capacity NiMH battery bring laboratory quality accuracy to field service applications.

Bandwidth: 100 kHz to 65 GHz (sensor dependant)

Power range: -70 to +20 dBm (01. nW to 50 W) (sensor/attenuator dependant)

Voltage measurement range: 0 to 20 V nominal

Display range: -99.999 to +99.999 dBm

Speed and dynamic range

Fast thermal sensors

GPIB speed

GPIB emulation

Triggering controls

Burst profile graphics display

Power vs. time graphics display

Parallel printer connector

Connector: Type- N (f)

Compatible sensors: MA2472A, MA2422B, MA2469B, MA2481B, MA2473D,

Dimension (WxHxD): 213 x 88 x 390 mm

Weight: < 3 kg

€ 1.590 (net) $1.908 (US)

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