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ENI - 550L

Broadband Amplifier 1.5MHz - 400MHz, 50W

The 550L Broadband Power Amplifier is an extremely wideband high power solid state, Class A linear amplifier. Rated at 50 W from 1.5 to 400MHz, the unit can provide over 100 watts from 1.5 to 220MHz. The flat 50 dB gain allows the unit to provide maximum output when driven by any standard signal or sweep generator. The untra linear design capability insures faithful reproduction of the output waveform for AM, FM, SSB, TV, pulse or other complex modulations with all harmonic distortion greater than 25 dB below the fundamental at full rated power.


Frequency range 1.5 to 400 MHz

50 W output power

50 dB gain (nominal)

50 Ohm impedance

N(f) connectors, input/output

115/230 Vac; 50/60 Hz operation

€ 5,900 $7,434 (US)

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