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Keysight - 87222E

High Performance Transfer Switch DC 50GHz

The Agilent (now Keysight) 87222E is a 4-Port Coaxial Transfer Switch and offers flexibility in signal routing applications. It provides exceptional repeatability, low insertion loss, high isolation and simplification of design in signal routing and conditioning applications. It can be used in a variety of applications such as, a drop-out switch, switching two inputs and two outputs, or signal reversal switching.

Exceptional RF repeatability: 0.03 dB

Long life span: performance up to 5 million cycles

Excellent isolation: typ. >90 dB at 26.5 GHz, >60 dB at 50 GHz

Opto-electronic indicators and interrupts

Magnetic latching

TTL/5V CMOS compatible

€ 882 (net) $1,058 (US)

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