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Tektronix - TPS2012B

Digital Storage Oscilloscope 100 MHz, 1GSa/s, 2 Channels. Manufacturer´s warranty until 22nd August 2024.

The Tektronix TPS2012B is a Digital Storage Oscilloscope with a bandwidth of

100 MHz and 2 channels.

Rise time: 2.1 ns

Number of channels: 2

Display typ: Color

Record length: 2.5 k points/ch

Bandwidth: 100 MHz

Interface: RS232

CAT II 300 V, CAT II 600 V

Security level: Kat.II

Security voltage: 300 V, 600 V

Vertical resolution: 8 bit

Vertical sensitivity-highest: 5 V/div

Vertical sensitivity-lowest: 2 mV/div

Main timebase max.: 50 s/div

Main timebase min.: 2.5 ns/div

Sampling rate: 1 GSa/s per channel real-time

2 isolated analog channels, plus isolated external trigger

2.5 k standard record length on all channels

8 Hours of continuous battery operation with two batteries installed

Optional power application software offers the broadest range of power measurements at its price point

Quickly document and analyze measurement results with OpenChoice software or integrated compact flash mass storage

FFT standard on all models

Advanced triggers to quickly capture the event of interest

Traditional, analog-style knobs and multilanguage user interface for easy operation

Quick setup and operation with autoset menu, autorange, waveform and setup memories, and built-in, context-sensitive help

Backlit menu buttons for high visibility

11 of the most critical automatic waveform measurements:

Periode, frequency, +width, width, rise time, fall time, max., min., peak-to-peak, average, cycle effective value

€ 2,790 (net) $3,515 (US)

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