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Fluke - 5220A

Transconductance Amplifier 30Hz-5kHz, Output Range: 0-20A DC or RMS AC

The Fluke 5220A is a Transconductance Amplifier with a bandwidth from 30 Hz

to 5 kHz and designed to calibrate alternating or direct current meters and shunts and the current functions of digital multimeters that measure up to 20 A.

A known input voltage of 1 to 20 V produces a known output current of 1 to 20 A. It is ideal for applications where 20 A AC or DC current is required.

(For example calibration of the upper ranges of DMMs or used with a current coil to calibrate clamps and clamp meters.)

The 5220A can be programmed and controlled through a 5700A, 5720A, 5100B or 51001B.

Transconductance: 1 siemens (1 A per V)

Output range: 0 to 20 A DC or rms AC

Built-in protection

Overvoltage protection

Overcurrent protection

Overtemperature protection

Remote operation

Dimension (HxWxD): 7 x 17 x 22 in.

Weight: 50 lb

€ 2,200 (net) $2,640 (US)

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