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Tektronix - 80A05

Electrical Clock Recovery Module, Bit Rates: 50Mb/s to 3.188Gb/s Unit sold with a valid calibration certificate and with 12 months warranty

Electrical clock recovery for:

Enumerated bit rates: 50 Mb/s to 3.188 Gb/s

Provides fully integrated 80C12 electrical clock recovery support

Clean 50 ohms path for the best signal acquisition fidelity

Option 10G adds support for user selectable rates to 12.60 Gb/s


Serial data link and device characterization for computer, communications, and consumer applications

Compliance testing of electrical signaling

High-speed optical communications testing

Jitter, noise, BER, and signal impairment analysis

€ 8,900 (net) $10,680 (US)

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