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Tektronix - 80C14

Multirate Optical Sampling Module 700 to 1650nm, 10Gb/s Telecom/Datacom, Optical Bandwidth: 13GHz

The Tektronix 80C14 is a Multirate Optical Sampling Module with broad wavelength from 700 to 1650 nm an provides 8G, 10G, and 16G telecom and datacom testing.

The supported 10 Gb/s datacom applications include:

10GbE, 40GbE-R4, 100GbE-SR10 applications at 9.953, 10.3125, and 11.0957 Gb/s

Fibre channel applications include:

8.500, 10.51875, 11.317, and 14.025 Gb/s. It can also provides telecom rate testing at 9.953, 10.664, 10.709, and 12.5 Gb/s

With its amplified O/E converter design, this module delivers excellent signal-to-noise performance and high optical sensitivity, allowing users to examine low power level optical signals. Clock recovery for the 80C14 is provided by the CR175A or CR286A (sold separately).

10 Gb/s Telecom and Datacom:

Highly accurate ER Calibrated (extinction ratio) measurement option for increased repeatability and transferability of the measurement

Low-noise, high optical sensitivity, broad wavelength conformance testing for 10GbE, 40GbE (R4), 100GbE (X10) LAN, WAN, FEC, 10G fibre channel, 16G fibre channel (14.025 Gb/s), 14G Infiniband FDR (14.06250 Gb/s)

Clock recovery for rates ≥10 Gb/s is supported by CR175A (sold separately)

Full bandwidth: > 13 GHz

Wavelength range: 700 -1650 nm

Fiber input: 9, 50, or 62.5 µm

Mask sensitivity: -15 dBm

€ 45,000 (net) $54,000 (US)

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