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Tektronix - 80E10B

Dual Channel Remote Electrical Sampling Module 50GHz w/ True Differential TDR, S-Parameters, and Fault Isolation

The Tektronix 80E10B is a Dual Channel Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) Module with Remote Samplers (Remote Electrical Sampling Module).

TDR/Electrical modul:

Bandwidth: 50 GHz

Rise time: 7 ps

Input impedance: 50 +/- 1 ohms

Input connector: 1.85 mm female

Vertical resolution: 16 bits

TDR system incident rise time (10-90%): 12 ps

TDR system reflected rise time (10-90%): 15 ps

Each channel can generate a fast step for use in TDR mode

Acquisition portion of the sampling module monitors the incident step and any reflected energy

Polarity of each channel's step can be selected independently

Independent step generation allows true differential measurements

Small form factor

Fully integrated independent 2-meter remote sampler system

Characterizes crosstalk by using TDR steps to drive one line (or line pair for differential crosstalk),while monitoring a second line with the other channel

"Filter" function on the 8000 series mainframes can be used with TDR or crosstalk


Impedance characterization and S-parameter measurements for serial data applications

Advanced jitter, noise, and BER analysis

Channel and eye-diagram simulation and measurement-based spice modeling

High-performance TDR/T measurements

Impedance profile, inductance, capacitance, and S-parameters

Transmission line quality, impedance, and crosstalk

True differential, common mode, and single-ended measurements

Efficient fault Isolation

€ 57,500 (net) $69,000 (US)

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