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Keithley - DMM7510

7½-Digit Graphical Sampling Multimeter. Unit sold with a valid calibration certificate and with 12 months warranty.

Precision multimeter with 3½-to 7½-digit resolution

Basic DCV accuracy (one year): 14 ppm

100 mV, 1Ω, 10 μA ranges offer the sensitivity needed for measuring low level signals

Accurate low resistance measurements with offset compensated ohms, four-wire, and dry circuit functions

Capture and display waveforms or transients with 1 MS/s digitizer

Large internal memory buffer; store over 11 million readings in standard mode or 27.5 million in compact mode

Auto-calibration feature

Display: 5 in., high resolution touchscreen interface

Front panel USB memory port

Multiple connectivity options: GPIB, USB, and LXI-compliant LAN interfaces

€ 2,850 (net) $3,591 (US)

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