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Keithley - 2657A-PM-200

High Voltage Protection Module, 200 V

Leakage: < 10 pA at 200 V typ.

DC current carrying capability: 1.5 A (unclamped condition)

Pulsed current carrying capability: 10 A max. at 1% duty cycle (unclamped condition)

Max. protection active current: current must be limited to <120 mA (clamped condition) (~230 V)

Protection voltage: 220 V DC min., 230 V DC typ., 240 V DC max.

LO to GND voltage: 30 V DC typ.

Dimension LxWxH: 4.75 x 3.22 x 1.15 in. (120.65 x 81.88 x 29.21 mm)

Weight: 0.50 lb ( 0,22 kg)

Module connectors:

Three 3-lug high-voltage triaxial connectors

Three 3-lug standard triaxial connectors

Two screw terminals for ground cables

Safety: Listed to UL61010-1:2004

Conforms to European Union Law Voltage Directive

€ 595 (net) $714 (US)

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