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Rohde & Schwarz - RTE1054-WIN7

Digital Oscilloscope 500MHz 5GSa/s, 4 Channels, with Option: WIN7 = Windows 7 Operation System Unit sold with a valid R&S calibration certificate

The R&S RTE1054 is a Digital Oscilloscope with a bandwidth of 500 MHz and

4 channels designed for embedded designs, power electronic analysis, or general

fault location and offers fast solutions for your measurement tasks.

Bandwidth: 500 MHz

Sample rate (real-time): 5 GSa/s per channel

Acquisition memory: 10 MSa per channel / 40 max. MSa

Rise time: < 700 ps

Impedance: 50 ohms +/- 1.5%, 1 Mohm +/- 1% II 16 pF +/- 1 pF (meas.)

Input sensitivity:

50 ohms: 500 µV/div to 1 V/div

1 Mohm: 500 µV/div to 10 V/div

Effective number of bits (ENOB) A/D Converter (full scale sine, frequency < -3 dB bandwidth): >7 bits (meas.)

Capture rate: > 1,000,000 measurement curves

Reliable measurement results

Versatile functions and faster results

Logic analysis with the MSO option

Serial protocols: easy trigger and decode

Power Analysis

EMV-fault location with the oscilloscop

Powerful probes with extensive accessory

Easily upgradable

€ 5,700 (net) $7,182 (US)

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