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Keithley - 3724

Dual 1x30 FET Multiplexer Card, 60 Differential Channels, Automatic CJC when used with 3724-ST

60 two-pole or 30 four-pole solid-state channels

Scanning speeds greater than 1250 channels/second (switch only)

Optically isolated, solid-state FET relays provide unlimited contact life

200 V, 0.1 A switch/carry signal capacity; 800 mW

Automatic CJC for temperature measurements when used with 3724-ST accessory

Analog backplane connection relays provide easy bank and card interconnections w/ terminal connections provided with removable 3724-ST accessory

Ideal for maintenance-free, long-life thermocouple temperature measurements

€ 1,522 (net) $1,918 (US)

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