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Kikusui - PLZ1004WH

High Voltage DC Electronic Load 650V / 50A / 1000W

Kikusui's PLZ1004WH High Voltage Electronic Load feature faster rise/fall times with variable slew rates for transient testing on high speed DC/DC convertors and DC power supplies.

Test modes are constant current, constant resistance, constant voltage, constant power, or a combination of these modes. Current setting resolution can be as low as 0.1mA. Sequence function permits 10 sequence patterns to be saved in the built in memory. Battery cell discharge times from load on to load off can be measured.

Other functions include soft start, short, ABC memory, set up memory, switching.

The PLZ4W Series has GPIB (SCPI compatible), RS232c and USB as standard.

Rise time: 10 µs (which converts to rise and fall times) high-speed response

Possible to perform actual load simulation by sequence control function

Equipped with USB (Supplied as standard)

Extended operating range-650 V

Expandable system up to 9 kW / 450A by connecting booster units (exclusively used for Model PLZ1004WH)

3 ranges of setting resolution equipped with L range (1/100)

Voltage Monitor terminal for monitoring high-voltage

In addition to CC, CR mode 5 levels of response setting for CV mode

Sequence function

Capable of program up to 1024 steps

Application software supporting the sequence Operation (option)

Protection: over-voltage, over-current, over-power, over-heat, under-voltage, reverse connection

Adjustable slew rate

Switching Operation

Soft start function

Elapsed time display

Auto load-off timer

Remote sensing

External inputs: load on/off control, range switching, trigger, alarm

Outputs: alarm status, load-on status, range status

Short signal

External voltage control (CC,CR,CV,CP mode)

External resistance control (CC,CR,CV,CP mode)

Current monitor output

Voltage monitor output

€ 4,995 (net) $5,994 (US)

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