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Tektronix - TDS3032C

Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope 300MHz 2.5GS/s, 2 Channels, USB 2.0 Host

Bandwidth: 300 MHz

Rise time: 1.2 ns

Number of channels: 2

Sample rate: 2.5 GS/s (real time) on all channels

Standard record length: 10.000 Points on all channels

Continuous signal capture rate: 3,600 wfms/s

External Trigger Input

Vertical resolution: 9 bits

Input impedance: 1 Mohm II 13 pF or 50 ohms

Numerous advanced triggers

Easy useable functions

USB Host connector on front panel for easy data storage and transfer

25 automatic measurements

FFT as standard

Multilingual user interface

WaveAlert for automatic detection of signal deviation

Tekprobe interface to support of active, differential, and current probes with automatic scaling

Application modules for specially analysis optional available:

Advanced analysis

Limit test

Mask and communication

Advanced video functions

Serial/digital video module 601

€ 3,200 (net) $4,032 (US)

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