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Rohde & Schwarz - FPS7-B22/B25/K10/K72/K100/K104

Signal/Spectrum Analyzer 10Hz-7GHz, Options: B22 = Preamplifier 9kHz-7GHz; B25 = Electronic Attenuator 1dB Steps; K10 = GSM, EDGE, EDGE Evolution Signal Analysis; K72 = 3GPP FDD Base Station Signal Analysis, incl. HSPA+; K100 = EUTRA/ LTE FDD Downlink Signal Analysis; K104 = EUTRA/LTE TDD Downlink Signal Analys.

Frequency range: 10Hz to 7GHz (DC coupled), 1MHz to 7GHz (AC coupled)

Analysis bandwidth: up to 160MHz (optional)

Measurement uncertainty: 0.4dB (up to 7GHz)

Phase noise: -110dBc (1Hz) at 10kHz frequency offset

DANL: -155 dBm at 1GHz with 1Hz bandwidth

Interceptpoint 3. order (TOI): +15 dBm

Applications for GSM/EDGE (incl. EDGE Evolution), WCDMA/HSPA+, LTE, WLAN, Vector Signal Analysis (optional)

Removable Hard Drive

€ 27,900 (net) $35,154 (US)

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