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Rohde & Schwarz - ZNA26-B8/B26/K2/K8/2xZV-Z193

Vector Network Analyzer 10MHz-26.5GHz, 2 Ports, 3.5mm (m) Connectors. R&S ID 1332.4500K22. Options: ZNA-B8 = LO-Output for mm- Wave Converter 10MHz-26,5GHz; ZNA-B26 = Direct IF Access; ZNA-K2 = Time Domain Analysis (TDR); ZNA-K8 = mm-Wave Converter Support; ZV-Z193x2 = RF Cable, 50Ohm, 3.5mm(f)-3.5mm(m), DC to 26GHz, flex., phase-stable, 1520mm (60in.). Unit sold with a new R&S calibration and 12 months warranty.

Frequency range: 10MHz to 26.5GHz

Two and four port models availlable (unit has 2 Ports)

Outstanding RF Performance

Up to four internal sources

Unique and intuitive operation only via touchscreen

€ 59,900 (net) $71,880 (US)

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